Sarang Tehnik at a Glance

For more than 5 decades PT Sarang Tehnik (ST) was one of the first large private contracting companies in Indonesia's modern history. Sarang Tehnik is a company that is one of the major players specializing in large-scale infrastructure (public facilities and infrastructure) projects and engineering in Indonesia.

PT ST which was established on April 1, 1963 ST has succeeded in carrying out more than 1,000 (one thousand) construction projects, many of which are widely known as monumental and historical sites in Indonesia. PT ST was also one of the founders of AKI (Asosiasi Kontraktor Indonesia) in October 1975.

PT Sarang Tehnik Has
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PT ST was the first contractor in Indonesia to have a heavy equipment / mechanized division at the end of 1960. During this period, many leading contractors rented a fleet of PT ST consisting of 1,000 (one thousand) units of heavy equipment (bulldozers, excavators, rollers, etc.) and We have various brands of famous trucks from Japan and West. PT ST has a large-scale contractor license, including international certifications such as:

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Sarang Tehnik always provides the best performance by providing expert technical and managerial expertise. Involved in building various types of Dams, Roads, Irrigation Networks, Channels / Channels, Bridges and other major infrastructure projects over the past five decades.

Our experts are equipped with ISO 9001-OHSAS 18001, SMK3, certification in each field and sub-field of construction work and various types of central government permits to support company performance, as well as evidence of our seriousness in the field of this field.

The Best Construction Service Provider

With this Indonesian economic growth, we are optimistic about the prospects of national development that will continue to grow and grow. PT ST is always present as a national private contractor who is ready to work as the best construction service provider for customers together to build a beloved country. The highest honor of PT ST to the late company founders and around 200 HR for their hard work that has succeeded in bringing the company to achieve results as it is today.